{kochert family}

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedI was happy to meet up with the Kochert family last weekend for some family photos and Miles 5 year photos.

I normally hit it off pretty quickly with kids, but Miles was super bashful and pretty much held out on me the entire session.  I ask him every question I could think of, hoping to get an answer,  I finally got him to tell me both of his dogs names.  :)He smiled and did everything we asked him to do, but just never said a word! Kids are so funny.  Shelby, my daughter helped me on the session, and she said “Mom, I think that is the first kid you didn’t win over!”  I love outdoor sessions, but not when I am driving home to find ticks crawling on me!!!!!!  I was flipping out trying to drive and get the stupid tick off me. (itching right now tooooo) Then I found another one  in my camera bag.  UGH… I could handle a spider over a tick.

Jamie, thank you for asking me to photograph your sweet family, Ronnie thanks for being cool with family photos.:)

xoxo {a}

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